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Saturday, April 15, 2006


I went out on Thursday night and had 4 pints then came back and made this. - Oribasan.

Click on image to see track listing.

• Download here:
Funky Excavation V.1. 30MBs/32mins/128kbps

Friday, April 14, 2006

GOTTA LIGHT?: Pulling Teeth

I finished my mix today - straight hip hop, 58 mins, no flash mixing unfortunately. It was great fun for a first go though. - Pulling Teeth aka Ironblood.

Big L - Dangerzone
Pete Philly & Perquisite - Paranoid
Zion I - Act Right
Omni - Music
Jehst - Ape Shit
Copperpot - Fifteen Min
Big L - Yes You May (Lord Finesse Remix)
Taskforce - Chop Chop
The Beatnuts - Story
Illegal - Crumbsnatcher ft. Diamond D
Universal Soldiers - The Great Escape
Lewis Parker - 101 Pianos (I've Put Out the Lights)
Lazy Grey - Painted With Blood ft. Ken Oath
El Da Sensei - Natural Feel Good
Semi.Official - Songs in the Key of Tryfe ft. MF DOOM
Evil Ed - Weed ft. Jehst & Asaviour

• Download here: Pulling Teeth via Zshare
• Download here: Pulling Teeth via Rapidshare


Ok here's mine. I made it the other day but was using the world's most expensive net connection and zshare & usendit both dropped out prior to completing the upload. luckily the wireless connection at hong kong airport is more reliable!

It's not hip hop - more electronica from 91-98 or so (you'll probably recognise them). There's a couple of hip hop-ish tracks (though some might debate this ;). I didn't have mixing software or use my decks/cds/mixer so it's done on the computer and has fades/cuts only, but u get the idea.

also, I don't have software to add text to this image on this pc yet, so the mix is called Holidays & Hartley Town as it reminds me of memories & being on holidays and going on nice drives in the country.

here's the tracklisting:

name - artist - album - year
Prologue - Dimitri from Paris - Sacrebleu - 1996
Cosmic Supernatural - Kid Loco - A Grand Love Story - 1997
Polygon Window - The Dice Man - (Artificial Intelligence) - 1992
Papua New Guinea - The Future Sound of London - Accelertor - 1991
Manhattan Melody - Lemon D - In Order To Dance 6 : Session One - Drum-N-Bass (disc 1) - 1996
Back To Life - The JB - Atom 1 Presents "Cooking Up A Mix 3" In The Jungle - 1995
Techno Powers - A Man Called Adam - Chill Out Free - 1996
Koto - H/H - Dancing To The Sound Of The Sun (disc 1) - 1995
The Love Experiment - Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened
I Want You Back Featuring Kurtis Blow - Adamski - Doctor Adamski's Musical Pharmacy
The FUN Equation - Speedy J - G Spot - 1995
Solar Driftwood - Yello - Pocket Universe 1997
Untitled - Throbbing Gristle - Throbbing Gristle's Greatest Hits - 1990
Time Is Running Out - Definition of Sound - Love And Life -- A Journey with the Chameleons - 1991

hope u like it! - AliaK

• Download here: Holidays & Hartley Town. 83MBs/60mins/192kbps

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Superb mix of kooky sunshine pop, psych, soul, soundtrack from Chik-A-Boom's Lancelot Link. This is how you do a mix of obscure stuff... by going obscuro magnifico. Had it on repeat for days on end.

Brandon’s Rusty Organ – RED & THE EYESIGHTS
How To Cook Macaroni & Cheese – NAKATSUKA TAKESHI
Search For Nirvana – GABOR SZABO
Candy Coloured Dragon – BOBBY JAMESON
Mais Cedo Ou Mais Tarde – OSMAR MILITO
Movements Reprise – JOHNNY HARRIS
Webeganhearingthings – HE DID GLASS MUSIC
Twisted Nerve (Vocal Version) – BERNARD HERRMAN
Across 110th Street (demo version) – BOBBY WOMACK
Split Personality – JIM NOIR
A New Place To Live – A NEW PLACE TO LIVE
Magico Incontro – ENNIO MORRICONE
To Pegasus With Love – PHILWITT & PEGASUS
The Visit (She Was Here) – THE CYRKLE
Neville Thumbcatch – PETER WYNGARDE
California Montage – DAVE GRUSIN
My Autumn’s Done Come – LEE HAZLEWOOD

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• Download here: Lance Link’s Autumn Rinky Dink 82MBs/60mins/192kbps

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


US Styles.
- Missing Linx USA.

• Download here: TrunkBumpsMixtape 72MBs/52mins/192kbps

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Here is one I made for a Christmas pressie for friends and fam. I'll definitely do another for this thread over the easter break but i thought why not UL this one too.

Has some funk, some hip hop, some instro's, oh and only one aussie track (which is an older one of mine that needs polishing. I had to do it in chunks then mix the chunks together on my mac. No super rare stuff if you're a hardcore digger.

It's half mixed on decks and half mixed using Live (some of the tracks sound a bit wobbly, that is the sofware trying to time stretch them, i forgot to turn the function off, i did'nt need it on as the tracks were already mixed by that stage.

• Download here: MerryMixMas. 88MBs/64mins/192kbps

NIGHTLIFE: DJ Scheef aka NightRider.

The second mix is my normal music taste, just hip hop. I made this one some time ago, to be able to listen to my records on my ipod. For me this is the music I want to hear when I go out of the house in the evening, by whatever you do, driving with the car, going in bars...
- DJ Scheef aka NightRider. Stuttgart, GERMANY.

Mostly 90's indy NY styles.
• Download: Nightlife.mp3 80MBs

GRANDMA'S MELODIES: DJ Scheef aka Nightrider

I have two things i want to share. When I came home I went through the records which my grandmother gave me and made a little mix. It is just 15 min long though, but comes in full effect with hits from the black forest (a place in germany)...haha.

EDIT: I made the mix a longer and i did put everything in (besides hip hop) i could grap...
- DJ Scheef aka Nightrider. Stuttgart, GERMANY

This could be described as an 'acquired taste' selection of some very kooky & socially awkward German music. You have been warned. A genuine mixed bag.
• Download here: Grandma´s Melodies.mp3 66MBs

Monday, April 10, 2006


No raps, just some Bollywood, exotica, English TV shows, soul, funk, 1950s war soundtracks, Bing Cosby, Malaysian pop, Glen Campbell, children's records, African jazz & some instrumental hip hop beats. A little bit wonky, but treat it as though it's the calm before the storm.
I need a new mixer. Donations welcome.

Oh & you'll have to change the title of the file from 3 Toad Sloth to 'Bongo whatever'... Okay? Before you get all confused.

• Download here: Bongo Bear Rides A Bike 79MBs/57mins/192kbps
New link updated 24th April 06.