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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


More eclectic jazz musings for you to sophisticate your suroundings with. Idiot Proof

C-mon & Kypski
- Giants of Jazz ft. Bart Suèr
Gotan Project - Celos
Novi Singers - Torpedo
Augusto Martelli - Nanaue
Clarke/Boland Sextet - Please Don't Leave
Ranee Lee & Oliver Jones - Traveling Man
Variable Unit - The Music is the Medicine So Let it in
Birdy Nam Nam - Jazz It At Home
Lindberg Hemmer Foundation ft. Mark Murphy - Little Things
Sonny Jones - Get On Down Now
Koop - Summer Sun ft. Yukimi Nagano
The Cool Balance - Do You Like Jazz?
The Cals - Another Plan For School Mix Up
Tosca - Heidi Bruehl
Steinski - Jazz

• Download here: Pulped Jazz Rewritten. 90MBs/66mins/192kbps


I defintely had blaxploitation films in mind when I compiled this collection of several different shades of funk. From driving party funk to some laid back beats. Right On! - D4E
The tricks:

Sinister Dexter - Show Us How To Get Down
Wattwuzzat - Sunshine City Jive
DJ Black Acid - Better Than Shaft
Evan Stone - Pimpin' Ain't Easy
Road Trip - The Chocolate Song
Brain Buckit - Let The Boogie Loose
Us3 - Soul Brother
Groove Head - Whachukumherefo?
Tubby - Daddy's Funk

•Download here: Pimp Funk Assembled.

DISKTRUKTA: Stylelistiks

I went easy on the samples this time round (as i was pressed for time & just wanted to get it finished to take away on holidays with me), just a straight up backpacker mix, purely made for the headphones travel styles inmind. - Stylelistiks

• Download here: Disktrukta