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Sunday, July 09, 2006


Bit of an easy listening effort .. a couple of oddball things in there, lots of these records came from thrifts - H.Lucero

[1] Jerzy Milian - Niesmialy Chlopiec
Jazz Co-op - In your quiet place
Move Two Mix - A hymne to God the Father
All that Jazz - Night People KPM 1014
Quincy Conserve - My Michellechan
George Golla - The Dancers
[2] Bob Barnard - Old Mirkbo Reach b/w Swan Hill Settlement
Mr Jeigh - Bus Driver
Sue Barker - Whats going on
Ballarat & Clarendon College Concert Band - Birdland
[3] Slawa Muza
McNeal & Niles - Untitled
Blerta - Organism
Ariel - Illicit Love
Diplodocus - Time is weak
[4] Mr Jeigh - Teenage glove b/w Looking for someone
TV Themes Orchestra / Sven Libaek - Theme from Woobinda
Hugo Montenegro - Hair
Arthur Lyman - Taboo
Mikey Dread - Saturday night style 4AM 53S
Tapper Zukie - Ghetto rock
[5] According to John OST - I am the voice/Behold the lamb
Billy Thorpe - Out on the streets again
Tony Ansell Orchestra - Heading in the right direction
Crossfire - Roll your ivory dice
Glen Carter 5 - Yesterday
The Band of the Royal Australian Engineers - Spinning Wheel

• Download here: A JOURNEY TO THE SOUTH
with megaupload you sometimes get a pop up over the download link
104MB/224k/60 minutes/5 seperate 'tracks'