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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Whew!! Thought while I was on a roll I should at least finish Part 2. Might take me awhile to create Part 3. Still looking through my crates of vinyl & CDs for ones I haven't able to find as yet. Trying to make them something worth having. Hope you appreciate the effort, 'cause I certainly do... Ha! - Idiot Proof.

And yes I know this is a pretty nerdy thing to do, but I wanted to do something thematical & graff comes naturally as a topic for me.

If anyone knows of some tracks I've missed please let me know. I have another 12 for the next mix, but I know I'm missing a heap.

Arsonists - Underground Vandal
Looptroop - Adrenalin Rush
Raydar Ellis - Graffiti Rock
The Shapeshifters - Vandal Squad ft. Met Fly, Existereo
Bukue One - 4 Tha Graff Hedz
Kero One - The Cycle Repeats
The Narcissists - Graffwriters
Company Flow - End To End Burners
Tommy Tee - Aerosoul
Promoe - These Walls Don’t Lie
Souls of Mischief - Stealth Bombing
Longevity - Burners ft. Abstract Rude & St. Mark
Talib Kweli & Rakim – Subway Surfers aka Getting Up Anthem
Full Throttle - It's An Honour
DJ Vadim - 4 My Writers ft. Juice
Blade & The Bazay Jam Band – Getting’ It On 82 (Peril remix of 'Soda Pop')
Bucc - Style Wars

• Download here: Return of the Rhyme Vandals. 91MBs/66mins/192kbps

Friday, May 19, 2006


Juice 73A Crew, he's a part of Adelaide DJ crew 'The Battlehoggs' with Kansel, Sum1, Bets and Ad-Fu.

Go to our buddies over at the Streets On Beats Blog for a download link.

1. DJ Juice - Intro
2. O.C. - Dangerous
3. Mass MC - Jazzy Freestyle
4. Gangstarr - The ? Remains
5. Kanye West, Rhymefest - Brand New
6. Rick Pyramid - Freestyle (Exclusive)
7. The Fearless Four - Rockin' It
8. Big L, Rakim - Outta Control (Juice Remix)
9. Ice Cube - What Can I Do? (Remix)
10. Pumpkinhead - Dynamic (Juice Remix)
11. Charisma - My World Premiere (Juice Remix)
12. Slick Rick - Teacher, Teacher
13. Redman - Rush The Security
14. The Coalition - No Guarentees (Exclusive)
15. Delta, Mojo The Cinematic - The Greater Good
16. Eric B & Rakim - As The Rhyme Goes On
17. Schoolly D - Where'd You Get That Funk From
18. Busta Rhymes, Spliffstar - Fuckin' With Bust
19. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - It's A Demo
20. Pass The Peas - Interlude
21. Pegz - Cro Magnon
22. The Beatnuts - Get Funky
23. GLC - Chi State Of Mind
24. DJ Juice - Tell You Why
25. The Showboys - Drag Rap (Triggaman)
26. Phrase - Here Now (Juice Remix)
27. Talib Kweli, MF Doom - Fly That Not
28. Tha Alkaholiks - Flute Song
29. Saigon, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique - Impeach The President
30. Joell Ortiz - 125 Grams

SAUL GOOD: DJ Vajra (The Procussions)

DJ Vajra of the Procussions has a free mix on his website. One of Q-Bert's favourite deejays & his judgement is totally on point.

"So i decided, because i love all of you, to put my mix CD "Saul Good" up for free download on my website www.djvajra.com - if you download it, let me know what you think of it! thanks!" - Vajra.

Go to his MySpace page & leave a comment if you download.

1) Saul Good Freestyle Intro - Dent & Vajra
2) Soul Chips (remix by Vajra) - Crown City Rockers (formerly Mission)
3) The Love Song - Bush Babees
4) The Storm instrumental - The Procussions
5) Give It Up - Thes One (People Under the Stairs) & J-Live
6) It's Funky Enough remix - The D.O.C.
Here Comes the Fuzz - DJ Format
7) Funk 49 - The James Gang
8) Gotta Bonus Beats - Niamaj
9) Chump - Oh No
10) Selector - Lifesavas f/ J-Live
The Lyricist instrumental - Richy Pitch f/ J-Live
11) B-Boy Stance - K-os
12) Mid-School Medley
Crossover - EPMD
The Choice is Yours (revisited) - Black Sheep
Love Me or Leave Me Alone - Brand Nubian
They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
Turn it Up - Ugly Duckling
13) Get Wise '91 - Mr Lif f/ Edan
14) Never Square instrumental - Lightheaded
Blink of an Eye - Lightheaded
15) Do That There - Lyrics Born
16) Hidden Gem - Thes One
17) The Kick Clap - Starving Artists Crew
18) Lost Your Mind - Aceyalone
19) New Definition instrumental - This Kid Named Miles
Turn it Up (refried) - Ugly Duckling
Peace is Not the Word to Play instrumental - Main Source
20) Peace is Not the Word to Play (remix) - Main Source
21) Poppa Large (remix by Vajra) - Ultramagnetic M.C.'s
22) Profitless Thoughts - Substance Abuse and MF Doom
23) Career Finders - The Perceptionists
Everything's Different - AlphaZeta
24) Racist - Giant Panda f/ Thes One
25) Bounce - Aceyalone
26) Hot Potato - Freestyle Fellowship
27) Eva - Ozomatli
28) Tom Collins - Sound Defects
29) Ch-Check it Out instrumental - Beastie Boys
30) Trains, Planes, and Automobiles - Leaders of the New School
31) Found a Child - Ballin' Jack
32) Scorpio - Dennis Coffey


Something to drop before going out tonight. A bit more of a personal connection this one, after the Mixer For Hire effort that was the crunk mix.

A 100% Aussie effort apart from an NZ ring in (What would an Australian mix be without one?

Walking from the train down the Devonshire Street tunnel is part of my life. Not a special part, not the worst part, but a part of my daily routine. At Central Station I walk from the train, head through the ticket gates at the southern end of the station (sometimes even with a valid ticket) and veer right - just like a few thousand other people every day.

Hilltop Hoods - All Stations
"On the way home . . ."
Just before you get to the actual tunnel there are a couple of junk food shops. "The Best Bacon and Eggs in Sydney," one of the shops boasts - inaccurately.

You can't get scallops though. You need to go to the other side of the station for that.

The Herd - Scallops
"Trusted trains departed . . ."
I find myself often walking against the tide. As I walk west though the tunnel, the masses are going east and vice versa. They head towards me like a wave - A surge flowing through an old vein.

What are they thinking? Some are nervous; some will be famous for repeating themselves. Some are second-guessing your every move, some will never learn, and some just need to get over it.

Stellar* - Nerve and Consequence
"When will I learn to just play the game?/When will I learn it's only a name?"
Once you reach the west-end of the tunnel you reach Henry Deane Plaza where there is a bar. You see people congregating there on a Friday afternoon getting an early start on their Friday night. The mood is relaxed and it a great temptation to swing over there.

Resin Dogs - Daily Trouble
If you make it past the bar you are at UTS and the Tech. Sydney University is also not too far away down the road. That means that there are lots of students about.
Where there are students there are campaigners and protesters. What are they protesting today?

Space - Eye Spiral
"Politicians lining up . . . Black hearted killer, cold blood swiller."
The beggars, blind buskers, beat boxers and bastards who are in my way - along with everyone else - make up what the tunnel is to me. Even when the tunnel is empty all these memories are still with me.

Tzu - Train Song
"Let's savour our travel."
The tunnel goes underneath Broadway. As the night becomes later, the revheads come out to fill this street.

Downsyde - Street Machines
"Thoughts filled with sin I'm a speed freak."
That's the Devonshire Street Tunnel - A part of the Sydney public transportation system. Is it a great system? Is it even a good one?

Well it's the system that I live with.

Good Buddha - The System
"Sydney's got the system.You can put it to the test."

• Download here: Devonshire Street Tunnel.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Since stumbling across the 'Respect Overdue' compilation that Creative Vibes put out some years ago, I have been hot on the trail of rare and interesting funky music recorded in Australia, my own backyard. The following mix is a testament to my love of local flavours, and a bit of a poke at people who don't think Aussies can be funky. This mix includes some of my favourites, some of my discoveries, and a couple of very, very rare numbers. I wanted to make it seamless, but time was a factor in putting this together. Still, for the most part I've managed to get tracks to blend into eachother. Let me know what you thought! - DJ Kinetic, Sydney/Blue Mountains.

Contact: dj_kinetic@hotmail.com

Ariel I'll be gone
Ayers Rock Crazy Boys
Sue Barker Love to the people
Manteca Watermelon man
Don Burrows The Tasman Connection
David fennell Really stuck on you
Purple Velvet As long as I can see the light
Radio spot Marijuana warning
Doug Ashdown I've come to save the world
David Liebman The opal hearted Aborigine
Arena The Long One
Galapagos Duck St James Infirmary
Leong Lau City Blues
George Golla The Dancers
Quincy Conserve Common man
Quasar Zeitgeist
Underdogs It's a blessing
John Cadman Trio Humpin'
Golden Horn Big Band Corazon
Billy Thorpe Back on the streets again
Salty Dog Born to boogie
Chris Williams Born to get down
Hot City Bump Band It's just begun
Friends Freedome train
12th Man vocal snippet

• Download here: Aussie Funk. 71MBs/52mins/192kbps


Okay, I've finished part 1 of my 2 part graffiti focused mixes. Took a lot of research & persistance so hopefully it goes down well. This one is a mix of US, English, Swedish, Norwegian & Australian tracks. I added bits of dialogue, used some effects & created a few edits, nothing too fancy schmancy, so it should flow okay. Part 2 should be just as solid. I could have made 3 x 60min mixes, but instead I cut it down to 2 x 70min mixes, so as not to force myself to include some 2nd rate tracks. I also wanted to use only contemporary songs. Rhymesayers member DJ Jay Bird already has a mix called Aerosolics that used a lot of the classics, so I went deeper. If was to release this properly I would've spent time adding cuts, but as this is a freebie I relented on spending more time on it. - Idiot Proof.

Typical Cats
- The Manhattan Project
Fort Minor - Spray Paint & Ink Pens ft. Lupe Fiasco & Ghostface Killah
KRS-One - Out For Fame
Company Flow - Lune TNS
Swarmy - Trains Mission
Looptroop - Ambush in the Night
Warlocks - Strictly Kings & Better
Blade & The Bazay Jam Band - Blades Theme (Jigsaw Jeff remix of Pacman)
Mr.Lif - Wanted
Task Force - Still Bombing
Dilated Peoples - Night Life
Ex Vandalz - Industry Standard ft. Perk One, Rakaa Iriscience & 2Mex
Bias B - Hursty
Promoe - Freedom Fighters ft. Cos.M.I.C
Tame One - Homage 2 Da Bomberz
El-P - Bombing Pt. 2

• Download here: Rhyme Vandals. 97MBs/70mins/192kbps


Found mix on my computer. Not sure where it is from, but it was mixed by Ninja Tune associate Spanish based Mafia Gato. Mostly uptempo rough as guts British hip hop from the late 80s/early 90s. Includes a track from German crew Readykill.

Thanks to Czech One for the rough tracklisting.

1. Gemini/Hardnoise
2. Blade
3. Silver Bullet - 20 Secs to Comply
4. Hardnoise
5. Gunshot - Colour Code
6. Blade - Gripper The Pitbull
7. First Frontal Assault - Hits from Small Arms Fire
8. Silver Bullet - Undercover Anarchist
9. Gunshot - World War 3
10. Readykill - Riverz of Blood
11. Blade
12. Demon Boys - Dett
13. First Frontal Assault - Atomic Air Raid
14. Killa Instinct
15. Readykill - Instrumental ???
16. Kobalt60 - Kaos from Order
17. Silver Bullet - He Spins Around

• Download here: Britcore Mix. 98MBs/72mins/192kbps

BUT I WAS COOL: Lance Link

Here's the second Beatnik themed set from me. This time 'round, it's the songs that exploited the beatnik movement and poked fun at the second wave of "drop outs" with their contrived berets, bongo's and bad poetry crossing over into mainstream popular culture. In other words, a whole lotta hipster fun! - Lance Link

• Download here: But I Was Cool. 83MB/60mins/192kbps

Enlarge image to view tracklisting.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Finally did a mix I can stick up on here..
All 60s - 70s - and early 80s world beats, although there is a big slab of Brazil stuff. Heaps of drum breaks / samples / funk / jazz - All dope shit!!
I did it as a special mix on my radio show last week, and thought I should link it here. It runs for almost an hour and a half, so it's not too CD friendly, but perfect for your iPod. Enjoy. -Frenzie.

The Ogyatanaa Show Band -
Disco Africa (Soundway) Ghana 1976
Fela Ransome Kuti & The Africa 70
- Expensive Shit (Kalakuta) Nigeria 1975
Los Sobrinos Del Juez
- Harina De Maiz (Audio Latino) Cuba 1974
- Elena Elena (Montuno) USA 1983
Augusto Martelli
- Loco Love Motor (Phillips) Italy 1972
Rahul Dev Burman
- Hum Kisise Theme (Odeon) India 1977
The Steneboofs feat Gyedu Blay Ambolley
- Simigwado (Capeside) Ghana 1973
Eliana Pittman
- Quem Vai Querer (RCA) Brazil 1977
Leci Brandao
- Questao De Gosta (Polydor) Brazil 1976
Banda Black Rio
- Chega Mais (RCA) Brazil 1978
Baiano E Os Novos Caetanos
- Três Macaquinhos (Som livre) Brazil 1976
Ed Lincoln
- Se Voce Quiser (CID) Brazil 1971
Antonio Carlos E Jocafi
- Kabaluere (Victor) Brazil 1971
Emilio Santiago
- Bananeira (CID) Brazil 1975
Caetano Veloso
- Alfomega (Phillips) Brazil 1969
Los Golden Stars
- Tema De Los Golden Stars (FTA) Peru 1966
Som Imaginario
- A3 (Odeon) Brazil 1972
Catch Up
- Onkel Joe (Calig) Germany 1975
Bappi Lahiri feat Lata Mangeshkar
- Thoda Resham Lagta Hai (EMI) 1981 India
Gal Costa
- Tuareg (Mercury) Brazil 1969
Ephraim Uzomechina Nzeka
- Zombie (Tabansi) Nigeria 1979
Black Sugar
- The Looser (Lazarus) Peru 1972

• Direct download here: Escuchen Al Mundo. 193MBs/90mins/320kbps
Phew!! Massive file we have here.

• Download more comprehensive track listing with notes from here.

Monday, May 15, 2006

LIFESTYLEZ: Stylelistiks

A True School Mix for Headz.

• Download here: Lifestylez. 86MBs/60mins/192kbps


Here's a one hour mix of beatnik jazz and poetry i put together today. Brew yourself a strong coffee, grab some Satre, and enjoy.... - Lance.

Right click on image to enlarge

• Download here: A Beatnik I Was 65mins/89MG/192kbps