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Friday, May 12, 2006

PIGEON DUB: Idiot Proof

I was going to layer dialogue over some parts of the beats & I actually did start, but then refrained. I didn't want to take away from the quiet spaces. Dub has that enigmatic quality in its nothingness sections. That undercurrent of warmess that the bass provides should be enough. I didn't score a freebie to the GZA & Muggs show tonight so I did this instead. 'I.P. you slack cheap cunt' I hear you mutter. Yeah well, the dub was calling. - Idiot Proof.

Pharoah Sanders - Astral Travelling (Boozoo Bajou Remix)
Omfo - Taras
Boozoo Bajou - Take It Slow ft. Joe Dukie & U-Brown
Ancient Astronauts - Same Ground (Zeb & Nickodemus remix)
Beatphreak - Skadub
Up, Bustle & Out - City Breakers (Dub)
Scientist - Drums Dub
Melk - Barry
The 3 Foot People - Simply Fresh ft. Desmond Foster
Tino Corp ft. Jack Dangers - My Name Is Tino
Up, Bustle & Out - Everyday (Butch Cassidy Sound System remix)
Serge Gainsbourg - Marilou Reggae dub
Butch Cassidy Sound System - Brothers & Sisters
Zeb - Flat Land
Desmond Williams - Dread A The Roughest

• Download here: Pigeon Dub 92MBs/66mins/192kbps


i done did it again. this is a lil mix that's more diverse. i think its the best one to date though. maybe. basically its a mix of laid back rap tunes, bugged out electronica (?), psychedelic stoner rock, insane art-punk and some soundbites from here n there. Short but – I think – kinda sweet. - Nick Sweepah.


01. plutonic lab – I SHINE LIKE // timothy leary speaks
03. dangerdoom – MINCEMEAT
04. battles – BTTLS
05. comets on fire – BROTHERHOOD OF THE HARVEST // otis speaks
06. black dice – UNTITLED [BROKEN EAR RECORD] // the knife – THE COP
07. calle 13 – ELECTRICO
08. the deftones – DIGITAL BATH
09. lightning bolt – ASSASSINS // otis speaks
10. sunn0))) – CAVEMAN SALAD // shadetek – SHOWERMAN INST.
12. omar a rodriguez lopez – THE PALPITATIONS FORM A LIMIT [w/ cedric bixler]
13. edan – ROCK & ROLL [w/ dagha]
14. edan – PROMISED LAND // timothy leary speaks

• Download here: Eetsoudtheyah. 72MBs/60mins/192kbps

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Love the art design. Whoever is doing it is tickling my armpits. Super stuff.
Just look at the dope mixes on here. Its all classic rare disco not the type of music your auntie would request at the next wedding dance. The Scots are definitely making power moves with their tastes. The only downfall is that some are incorrectly labelled (ie The Paul Phillips one 'Soulful Grooves' appears as the 'Groot Mix' by Terry Mullan in iTunes?) & they are at a sucky 128kbps bit rate or even way lower. They may be saving on bandwith, but we lose out on dynamics. I recently purged every MP3 file I had under 192kbps. We had a falling out over frequencies. I just couldn't keep up my facade of a relationship with those type of bit rates. Nice people, but really. They weren't giving me what I needed. Oof!

Real disco shit to get your hustle on.
The mixes are dope, but aaargghh! 80kps sounds like I have my head in an empty watertank made of cotton.

Million Dollar Disco website.


Arabian/Middle Eastern music is awesome & it sounds even better when you add some beats or mix it up with other genres. I especially like the electronic dub feel or the Algerian influenced French Hip Hop or the contemporary exotica funk styles that incorporate it into their rhythms. This selection is just a taste of some cross genres meshing it all up into something unique. I wish I had more of it, but it's not always easy to find. And it's a strictly Arabic set, no Indian or sub-continent selections, though not all are productions from the Arabic region. - Idiot Proof.

Ali Omar - Lavinia, Lavinia
Dzihan & Kamien - Slowhand Hussein
Omega One - The Hashishin
Khaled - Ouelli El Darek
Serge Gainsbourg - Arabysance
Fadhl Shaker - We & Allah
T.I.A.C - Firestorm (Ryadh remix)
Thievery Corporation - Facing East
Abdel Ali Slimani - Moi et Toi
J Boogie's Dubtronic Science - Ritual Of The Nile
Nickodemus - Cleopatra of the Nile ft Carol C
Kaya Project - Elixir ft. Omar Faruk Tekbilek
DJ Elysium & Kamo Crew - Dawn Purity
Kid Gusto - East to West Breaks
Rim K - Rachid System ft. Cheba Zahouania
Richard Khuzami - Faruk's Funk ft. Omar Faruk Tekbilek (Matt Stein & Nickodemus rework)

• Download here: Bellydocious. 92MBs/69mins/192kbps

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

PULPED JAZZ: Idiot Proof

A friend of mine was lamenting the fact that he doesn't like Jazz music. At all. He mentioned Dixieland. Hmmn, I had to concur. It's not something I have any affinity towards at all either. I also mentioned that Free Jazz was a style that I'm not particulary attracted to in the slightest. Nor that Jazz lite cafe shit they play in shopping centres & the like. I was brought up with hip hop & discovered Jazz through that. I asked him... 'You like A Tribe Called Quest yeah?' Naturally he said yes, but mentioned that amongst the beats, a jazz loop here & there is fine, but an actual jazz track makes him turn it off straight away.

So I thought I'd make a mix for him of some not so obvious stuff. New & old stuff, but nothing too jazzy jazzy jazz, if you know what I mean. Kinda sorta jazz in some places & a bit more beaty in others. Have a listen & hear what I mean. - Idiot Proof.

Jukka Eskola
- Introduction
Blossom Dearie - I Like London In The Rain
Dee Dee Bridgewater - People Make The World Go Around
Jazz Liberatorz - Breathing Pleasure
Ken Nordine - Meat Balls
The Pepper Pills Big Band & DJ KillerShake - Your Body
Zerosospiro - Dal Momento Che
Embee - Shibuya ft. Reinis Zarins Quartet
The Five Corners Quintet - Case Study ft. Okou
Soil & Pimp Sessions - The Black Widow Blues
Ugly Duckling - Einstein's On The Stage (inst)
Teddy Rok Seven - Feel
Julie Dexter - Sweet Melodies
Dizzy Gillespie - Manteca (The Funky Lowlives remix)
Treva Whateva - Havana Ball
Jimmy Dorsey - Hit The Note (Kidgusto Remix)
Bathysphere - Where's Vicky? (Quantic Mix)
Karin Krog - We Could Be Flying

• Download here: Pulped Jazz. 91MBs/66mins/192kbps


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I gotta new one. its mostly southern rap, but i tried some new exciting things. wooooo. - Nick Sweepah.

02. lil keke [ftg. paul wall & UGK] - CHUNK UP THE DEUCE
04. trae [ftg. HAWK & 3-2] - SCREWED UP CLICK
05. chamillionaire - IN THE TRUNK
06. juelz Santana [ftg. lil wayne & young jeezy] - MAKE IT WORK FOR YA
07. three 6 mafia [ftg. UGK] - SIPPIN ON SOME SYRUP
08. static [ftg. j2k, lethal bizzle, godsgift, d double e, crazy titch, JME, tinchy stryder, bushkin, mighty moe, friscoe, & jamaka b] - CHARGE [REMIX]
09. ivens - NO FACE
10. notorious BIG [ftg. twista & bone thugz] - SPIT YO GAME
11. busta rhymes - TOUCH IT
12. lil wayne - PUMP THAT BASS
13. the federation [ftg. e-40] - HYPHY
14. equills - IGNITE THE SKY
15. spankrock - IMC
16. 13th son - I CAN SEE THE SUN
18. lil keke, slim thug, HAWK, bun b & trae - WHAT U KNOW ABOUT
19. slim thug - DIAMONDS
20. E-40 [ftg.keak da sneak] - TELL ME WHEN TO GO [SWEEPEDIT]
21. bun b [ftg. pimp c, z-ro, jay-z & young jeezy] - GET THROWED

• Download here: Whizz Fizz Mixtape. 80MBs/mins/kbps

Monday, May 08, 2006

BOOGIEBURG MIX: D.E.K. of Beatonic

Scottish based Beatonic have a few nice looking mixes upped at their site here, but I found this mix on Boogieburg. Great taste in beats if you like the jazzy funky beaty latiny worldy genre mix-ups. A bit of everything, but at a quick glance I would most likely purchase at least 90% of what I see in their mixes & charts. So I approve wholeheartedly.

about dude...
D.E.K has been infatuated by the art of spinning records since the mid-80's halcyon days of roller disco in his hometown of Glasgow, UK. Having studied mixtapes from every genre over the years he decided to take the plunge and buy a set of 1200s to see if he could match up to the DJs he spent a huge part of his days listening to. Fast forward a few years and a coupla thousand quid on vinyl purchases, D.E.K decides to put his skills to the test by submitting a mix of his now trademark FazzJunkLatin grooves to iDJ Magazines Raw-Talent contest. No one was more suprised than him when he discovered he had scooped top prize. Things took a while to get moving after that. Mixes continued to be churned out, websites were constructed and contacts made. Warm-up slots for Paul Murphy, Seiji, Benji B, Jazztronic, Recloose and Q-Burns followed and these have added to his own increasingly popular Beatonic events which now spring up across Glasgow and are now synonymous with all things jazzy.

(01) Ch3vy 'Praise The Nord (Boca 45 Remix)'(Catskills)
(02) Red Astaire 'Rockin With The'(GAMM)
(03) Players 'What Your Problem (Martin Brew Remix)'(Discoteque Production)
(04) FK1000 'Toots'(White)
(05) Secret Stealth 'Stealth'(Bocajito)
(06) Mr Blennd 'A Message to O.D.B'(Rhythm'n'Booze)
(07) Geriba 'Guaranteed'(Funk Weapons)
(08) FK1000 'Roots'(White)
(09) Lefties Soul Connection 'Organ Donor'(Melting Pot)
(10) Jeanette Williams 'Stuff'(Back Beat)
(11) Natural Self feat. Alice Russell 'I Don't Need This Trouble'(Breakin Bread)
(12) Smalltown DJs 'Rebel Radio'(Hai Karate)
(13) Asayake Production 'Rock Up'(High Contrast)
(14) Smoove 'Big Balls'(Record Kicks)
(15) A-KO 'Chicago'(Melting Pot)
(16) Cookin On 3 Burners 'Gravel Rash'(Freestyle)
(17) Flying Fish 'Mr Matatwe'(Skyline)
(18) Jon Kennedy 'Something Like This (Aldo Vanucci mix)

• Direct download here: Boogieburg Mix - D.E.K. 70MBs/60mins/160kbps