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Thursday, August 31, 2006


"Here's my new mixtape of instrumental hip hop, taken soley from 7" and 10" vinyl. I've gone with a soundtrack feel, using drum heavy tracks, and added some spoken word. The idea was to compile what are essentially modern library music tracks, quite short tracks, into a flowing coherant mix for late night listening or moody car trips... enjoy" - NEUT.

Film Score... mixed by neut.
1. sixtoo & norsola ‘homages part 1/two strikes beat’
2. stigg of the dump ‘pointing fingers instrumental’
3. meaty ogre ‘out the rubble’
4. odd nosdam ‘untitled 1’
5. odd nosdam ‘peso y direccion’
6. rashamon ‘windo loca’
7. sixtoo ‘body ache summer’
8. sixtoo ‘incedental 1’
9. mhe ‘007’
10.meaty ogre ‘engaged ring’
11.rehash ‘spring 1980’
12.colmar crew ‘reverse flames’
13.jel ‘diypartisan instrumental’
14.dextah ‘untitled number 541’
15.sixtoo ‘untitled’
16.meaty ogre ‘bell of the beast’
17.controller7 ‘reactionary’
18.six vicious ‘heavy handed’
19.meaty ogre ‘13th and wood’
20.chris craft ‘hooks is extra instrumental’
21.sixtoo ‘incedental 4’
22.sixtoo ‘incedental 5’
23.mhe ‘008’
24.hood ‘over the land over the sea’
25.sixtoo ‘incedental 2’
26.sketch ‘break even’
27.micky ritter ‘one eyed looking glass’
28.dj signify ‘buk out’
29.sixtoo ‘camino’
30.sixtoo ‘the bricklayers union’
31.king honey with sixtoo ‘olde peculiar/incidental 3’
32.dj moves ‘gold ring’

• Download here: Film Score - Neut.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


When it comes to this one, it was summed up by Paul Nice as being "very dope" so get getting :: all antipodean except for one cut & just quickly it gets the wig on in places

Tracklist to follow ..
• Download here: The Great Cumquat Conspiracy
5 seperate tracks, 60 odd minutes, ~ 106mb


Disclaimer: The following mixtape has nothing to do with space and/or spirits and/or Central station. I just couldnt think of a name.

• Download here:
Space Spiritual Mixtape 128 Kbps/40mbs/43 minutes
Mixed with CoolEditPro.


Les femmes:

Sarah Jones - Your Revolution
Bahamadia - Confess (Roots Remix)
Sweet Tee and Jazzy Joyce - It's My Beat
Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y.
Digable Planets - Black Ego
Salt N' Pepa - My Mic Sounds Nice
MC Lyte - 10% Dis
Antoinette - Unfinished Business
Jean Grae - Give It Up

• Download here: Queen of the Mic


Finally did a mix thanks to a rainy day. Ended up a bit all over the place, more personal than anything rare or fancy. Hope someone gets something out of it. - Bob.

1. Enoch Light - Hot Pants
2. Percy Faith - 2001
3. The Ohio Players - Alabama Soupbone
4. Gabor Szabo - Hungarian Rhapsody
5. Claude Papesch - Trini Baby
6. Bruce Smeaton - Football
7. The Dizzy Gillespie 6 - Land of Milk and Honey
8. Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer - Earth (Still Our Only Home)
9. Dr John - Are You For Real?/Stealin'
10. Ike and Tina Turner - Game of Love
11. The Ohio Players - Ecstasy
12. The Commodores - Zoom
13. Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - More Love
14. Rodriguez - Can't Get Away
15. Eddie Bo & the Soul Finders - Hey Mama, Here Comes the Preacher

• Download here:
Bob's Garage Sale


Super mix from Sandro, ex of Annandale, now of London. Producer/deejay of solid reputation. Personality & professionalism. Lazy git as well. We need more Sandro beats...

• Download here: Excellent For All Types of Zombies

Thursday, July 20, 2006



Mindfield have formed a prominent following in the Adelaide hip hop scene over the past three years, during which time they have been working hard on the upcoming full length album 'This Way Up'

With 'This Way Up' scheduled for release in September through Shogun, local dj legends sammyB and davidL have marked this momentous occasion by putting together a preview to the album which is the 'Tread Lightly Mixtape'.

With sections of upcoming tracks mixed with verses by tooBiz, Mark1 and Bdeps over some well known instrumentals and an EXCLUSIVE track only to be found on this mixtape, davidL and sammyB have put together a seamless mix, filled to the brim with cuts and scratches, that is sure to keep you punters anticipating the release of the full length.

This release is available FOR FREE from any Mindfield member at the moment and in stores throughout Australia over the next few weeks.

Mindfield urge the entire hiphop population to burn, upload and basically pimp this release to anyone who would like a copy, with the hope that those who enjoy the mixtape will support the crew by picking up 'This Way Up' when it is released.

Hope you enjoy this shit.
• Direct download here: MINDFIELD - 'Tread Lightly' 24MBs

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Bit of an easy listening effort .. a couple of oddball things in there, lots of these records came from thrifts - H.Lucero

[1] Jerzy Milian - Niesmialy Chlopiec
Jazz Co-op - In your quiet place
Move Two Mix - A hymne to God the Father
All that Jazz - Night People KPM 1014
Quincy Conserve - My Michellechan
George Golla - The Dancers
[2] Bob Barnard - Old Mirkbo Reach b/w Swan Hill Settlement
Mr Jeigh - Bus Driver
Sue Barker - Whats going on
Ballarat & Clarendon College Concert Band - Birdland
[3] Slawa Muza
McNeal & Niles - Untitled
Blerta - Organism
Ariel - Illicit Love
Diplodocus - Time is weak
[4] Mr Jeigh - Teenage glove b/w Looking for someone
TV Themes Orchestra / Sven Libaek - Theme from Woobinda
Hugo Montenegro - Hair
Arthur Lyman - Taboo
Mikey Dread - Saturday night style 4AM 53S
Tapper Zukie - Ghetto rock
[5] According to John OST - I am the voice/Behold the lamb
Billy Thorpe - Out on the streets again
Tony Ansell Orchestra - Heading in the right direction
Crossfire - Roll your ivory dice
Glen Carter 5 - Yesterday
The Band of the Royal Australian Engineers - Spinning Wheel

• Download here: A JOURNEY TO THE SOUTH
with megaupload you sometimes get a pop up over the download link
104MB/224k/60 minutes/5 seperate 'tracks'

Thursday, July 06, 2006

CHIK A BOOM Vol.5 - Lance Link

The animals have been walking for days. Now they are tired. They find a sheltered spot to camp for the night, for tommorrow they head north. Soon they will be with friends.

Tracklisting coming...

• Download here: Chik A Boom Vol.5 (60Mins/81MG/192kbps)

CHIK-A-BOOM Vol 2: Idiot Proof

It don't stop in this barnyard of farmyard animals. Get yer moonshine on.

Jacqueline Taieb
- Le Coeur Au Bout Des Doigts
The Voodoo Trombone Quartet - Voodoo Juju
Luis Ferri - Summer Night In Rio
Espen Horne - Magnetica
Gabin - Soul (featuring Dee Dee Bridgewater)
Skeewiff - Soul Bossanova
Nancy Sinatra - The Last of The Secret Agents
Belle And Sebastian - Legal Man
Big Boss Man - Party 7
Nicola Conte - Missione A Bombay
Mel Torme - Secret Agent Man
Karminsky Experience - The Hip Sheik
Vip200 - Gangster Story
Elio Gandolfi - Capelli
Brigitte Bardot - Ca Pourrait Changer
Les Humphries Singers - Mexico
Charles Wilp - Close Up (Re-Closed By Metrophonics)
The Bees - Chicken Payback
The Bongolian - Champagne & Pizza
Lara and the Trailers - Run For Your Life

• Download here: CHIK-A-BOOM Vol 2 192kbps/65mins/91MBs

Chik A Boom Vol 4 - Lance Link

Wow, it continues... More frozen in time fairy floss to spill on your skirt. Collect the set & share amongst the pensioners at your next garden fete.

• Download here: Chik A Boom Vol 4 81MBs/192kbps/60mins

CHIK A BOOM VOL 3 - Lance Link

More eclectic mixed bag Santa sack filled goodness ransacked from the homes of bad children.

• Download here: Chik A Boom VOL 3 81.3MG/192kbps/60mins

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Be back soon.

After having lost everything on my hard drive & having it be away to be serviced, I've had no computer for the last few weeks & therefore unable to keep this or any other blog up to date...
Just working on getting ALL my software back into thsi damn beast of a Mac.

Beware the G5s aren't stable. This is my 2nd drama with it in 16 months...
Or maybe I was just unlucky....

Bear with me...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


More eclectic jazz musings for you to sophisticate your suroundings with. Idiot Proof

C-mon & Kypski
- Giants of Jazz ft. Bart Suèr
Gotan Project - Celos
Novi Singers - Torpedo
Augusto Martelli - Nanaue
Clarke/Boland Sextet - Please Don't Leave
Ranee Lee & Oliver Jones - Traveling Man
Variable Unit - The Music is the Medicine So Let it in
Birdy Nam Nam - Jazz It At Home
Lindberg Hemmer Foundation ft. Mark Murphy - Little Things
Sonny Jones - Get On Down Now
Koop - Summer Sun ft. Yukimi Nagano
The Cool Balance - Do You Like Jazz?
The Cals - Another Plan For School Mix Up
Tosca - Heidi Bruehl
Steinski - Jazz

• Download here: Pulped Jazz Rewritten. 90MBs/66mins/192kbps


I defintely had blaxploitation films in mind when I compiled this collection of several different shades of funk. From driving party funk to some laid back beats. Right On! - D4E
The tricks:

Sinister Dexter - Show Us How To Get Down
Wattwuzzat - Sunshine City Jive
DJ Black Acid - Better Than Shaft
Evan Stone - Pimpin' Ain't Easy
Road Trip - The Chocolate Song
Brain Buckit - Let The Boogie Loose
Us3 - Soul Brother
Groove Head - Whachukumherefo?
Tubby - Daddy's Funk

•Download here: Pimp Funk Assembled.

DISKTRUKTA: Stylelistiks

I went easy on the samples this time round (as i was pressed for time & just wanted to get it finished to take away on holidays with me), just a straight up backpacker mix, purely made for the headphones travel styles inmind. - Stylelistiks

• Download here: Disktrukta